Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Diary of A Desperate Naija Woman and thai chicken/veggie stir-fry- Yesterday evening

yesterday evening, i was most honoured with a gift from my client. it was the most unusual gesture from a fellow writer who is seasoned in every respect- i must say. we writers know what it takes to write a book let alone three, so giving it out just like that is indeed sacrifice. she gave me the DNW IN THE YEAR 20-ten and i thanked her. little did she know that my heart fluttered, rejoicing. imagine me, getting a sequel of the current DNW! wao! immediately, i opened it and there before me was the August entry of the Polska Chronicles. i began to read and read and laugh and brim with tears and imagine. you know, living the life of the author at that very moment is thrilling; giving me this ethereal feeling. it was a gift in every sense of the word. now, i am not done reading it, so this ain't a review. i will try n be slow reading this book cause i don't want to get to the very end, yet. you know, this is one 'em books where you just know that you'd get to the end soon and dread it. i recommend the DNW to every person who has not met Christ, has met Him, in a relationship, trying to be like Christ everyday. when i am done i will give an in-depth review. thank you, Bola Essien-Nelson for allowing me to be part of this. thank you for being part of Shunammite services- Home maker agency. thanks for enjoying our delicious Thai chicken/veggie stir-fry. thank you and thank you and thank you

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