Friday, 5 August 2011

Skinny CoffeeUsa-Boresha Fundraiser Overview

I'm very proud to represent Boresha and its exclusive products. We have three things I think that would greatly appeal to you. I hope I can explain this through e mail and websites as best as possible.

1. Products Our flagship product is (1.)Skinny Coffee

(2) Nuvo Gene Tea is also is the only non drug that shrinks the fat gland.​/ Check out our legal claims on this product. On the website towards the bottom.

(3) http://www.myskinnylatte.c​om/ Latte that has the fat burning compound. Tastes like dutch cocoa.

(4) Our sugar which won't spike a diabetics insulin. Can be used for baking and goes well with our coffee.

(5) Creamer Protein vanilla flavored

(6) This is a very special product which is the highest form of legal arginine with no negative side effects. Check out the athletes who use this. The 21 legal claims provided with this product available on the website.

2. Science

The scientist behind Boresha is Dr. Ann De Wees Allen .http://www.anndeweesallen.​com/
She has been doing food research for the FDA and some the larger food companies for over 25 years. She has founded the Glycemic Institute. Boresha has an exclusive contract to release over 150 patented food products from Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen mission is to combat with diabetes and obesity.

3. Giving Back

Boresha supports over 4 non profits. One very interesting is Bob Holmes . Beat the Odds. Boresha is the sole supporter of this non profit organization.
The one man volleyball team. Who goes into schools and plays more persons vs. one persons. He always wins. Then he tells the high school or college students about suicide prevention. He gets letters everyday that tells about his work.​ch?v=t2KauuwaN5k

truly this is an awesome company. I'm very greatful to share this information with you. All products can be purchased at​ved
Hope to be in touch with you soon.

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