Thursday, 8 September 2011


Was it poverty vs wealth or black vs white? Maybe it was Islam vs the rest? Or  could it have been Gen X police vs Gen Y public? Perhaps even the impetuousness  of youth who desire change vs all comers? But none of these explanations work,  do they! Both rich and poor took part – both educated and uneducated, black,  white, Asian, Muslim and Anglican etc. Youth from just about every background  you can or cannot name who certainly proved that civilization is a thin veneer  of behavioural norms that rapidly peeled off to reveal something awful in the  UK.
Oh yes PM David Cameron did recall Parliament, where his speech  condemned mob behaviour as “criminality pure and simple”, and blamed gang  culture as one of the main problems and finished with, “Finally, Mr Speaker, let  me turn to the deeper problems. Responsibility for crime always lies with the  criminal. But crime has a context. And we must not shy away from it. I have said  before that there is a major problem in our society with children growing up not  knowing the difference between right and wrong”.

But Cameron hasn’t got anywhere near the problem even though he has  correctly identified the resulting symptom. Why don’t UK youth recognise right  from wrong and how come many who do, still took part in the riots and as one  young social worker who has probably ruined her career stated, she doesn’t even  know why she did it.
When PM Cameron stated, “We need more discipline in our schools. We  need action to deal with the most disruptive families. And we need a criminal  justice system that scores a clear and heavy line between right and wrong. In  short, all the action necessary to help mend our broken society”, then he and  all the political leaders need to admit the following before any fix will  happen. Right and wrong aren’t plucked out of the air! They are not definable by  man! Right and wrong only exist because a righteous Creator God revealed His  standards to man who was created in His image. But lifestyles acceptable to the  Creator are only liveable and loveable when that same Creator God empowers man  to accept and live by His statutes.
But where, through the changing tides in the affairs of men, were the  seeds sown for the growth of this youthful UK generation who don’t know right  from wrong? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the devolution of UK youth into anarchy  and mob behaviour began when their parents and grandparents started to reject  Christ as Creator and accept Darwin’s evolution.
It was only after that point had been reached, that their political  leaders began to ban parents and teachers from disciplining youth and  increasingly refused students the opportunity of hearing about the real Creator  God and His Christ in everyday public life be it school or society. The same  parents who voted for these politicians because it got them all the welfare  handouts they wanted, and the clergy who didn’t yell to the heavens about such  evils, should not be surprised when God’s commandments about theft and respect  now have little meaning to many youth in the land. But you won’t win them back  by telling them your version of right from wrong, or fixing welfare funding, or  getting more police. You will have to start the job from the beginning and that  means teaching them Creator and creation. Start anywhere else and you are doomed  to fail!
Any country that bans God from government over the hearts of men,  will discover the truth of what was revealed by God to Jeremiah – the heart of  man is desperately wicked (Jer:17:9-10). Across the panorama of history men have  repeatedly cast off the social cosmetic that masks our sinful hearts, and the  reason is always the same but it goes way deeper than gang culture or failed welfare system  failures. There is a  real problem in the heart and the spirit of man and it is called sin, and it  began with the first man Adam who disobeyed the real Creator. Islam has no  solution – evolutionists can’t even admit it – social workers can at best  painfully try to cope with the consequence. Only Christ, admitted as Creator and  Saviour, can solve the problem, and He insists that all lies be exposed for what  they are, including the most popular and extensive deceit of our era - evolution.

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