Monday, 18 June 2012

Tress Tranzitions Extreme Curling Gel®- product review

I went to Balogun market on Tuesday last week to buy some hair products and my dear Okhwuma (sheabutter). While stopping at Akpogbon, I remembered that I'd entered Bicu (a beauty shop -just by the bridge, that sells authentic hair care products) sometime ago and made a note to pop in there again and buy the things I had seen. This day as i went through their products on the shelf, I saw some products by Motions®, Dax®, Herbal Essences®, Vitaliz®, Organics®, etc but did not see anything that would care for my kinky curls. The resident cosmetologist walked with me and silently admired my mane of OriginalSub-saharanAfricanKinky-CurlyHair© and said within herself that I knew what I wanted (she told me later and said she knows i don’t have problems with my hair as it is healthy and luxuriant). As I walked round the store, passed the dividing shelf, I saw something written on this brightly coloured bottle ‘Tranzitions’, within the letters, ‘tress’, reading further down the bottle is ‘extreme curly gel’. I read the literature on the bottle which you will see below and knew i was going to try it out. I got it for five hundred naira and left happy.
Immediately I got to my destination, went to the rest room to wet my hair and lather some of the product on my OriginalSub-saharanAfricanKinky-CurlyHair©. The results were amazing, the whole day my hair was soft, soft and soft; no frizz that would cause my ends to tangle and I noticed my ends are alot better defined with less and less tangles and knots as the days go by. It conditioned my hair, had it adequately moisturized with alot of shine!!! It is definitely for anyone with coarse hair like mine which looks like a wig. LWKMD!!! I am definitely going to have this in my hair regimen.

I had initially bought it because i was under the assumption that i would curl my hair like the ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR Olive Oil Smooth -n- Hold PUDDING® but it didn’t. I am satisfied with the product, the smell, the way in which the gel glides through my hair without messing me up, the colour and the design.
The problem I have with it is my not being able to stand it as it is in the picture inside my storage stool because it drips a little, therefore, i have to stand it on its tail between other products. I am not sure if it is the particular bottle I bought or the entire range has that problem. Asides that, it is good; I give it a 7/10. Well done Lottabody!!!
Below is the literature on the bottle

Tress Tranzitions Extreme Curling Gel®
Triple Action Protection - Fighting Frizz 3 Ways

8.45 FL OZ (250 ML)

Tress Tranzitions provides Triple Action Protection "TAP" to protect the hair three ways. It protects the hair internally (cortex), externally (cuticle) and it gives it thermal (heat) protection. TAP improves hair's strength and protects it from roots to ends.

Improves condition, moisture retention and combability of the hair.

The result is healthy hair full of shine and body.

Extreme Curling Gel - A rich gel that defines and enhances curly hair without frizz. Conditions, moisturizes, adds body and shine.

Directions: Pour a liberal amount into hands and massage through wet hair. Use fingers or a comb to arrange and reshape curls or waves. Let dry naturally.


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